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Rethink Yoga

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Schedule (begins March 3rd)


9:30 -10:30

10:45 - 11:45

12:00 -1:00*

5:30 - 7pm




9:30 -10:30

10:45 - 11:45

12:00 - 1:00*

jane image.jpg

*Come late and leave early as needed - A little yoga goes a long way

check back regarding March 23-27th which is Spring Break. There are no classes currently scheduled that week

Each class can accommodate any limitation- but feel free to email me first

free 20 minute consult to see what yoga can do for you

Stay connected for schedule updates and win self care treats!

Pricing & Packages

Try a class: $15

4 Class Package: $64  

10 Class Package: $140  

This is not a typical yoga class. This is so much more.

60 minute Assisted Release Yoga Session:  $65

When you need more from your yoga practice, or daily movements

I offer personalized assisting that deepens any stretch. 

Private 90 minute Yoga Session:  $95

Learning to speak the 'yoga class language'

can be daunting especially if you have an injury or mobility restriction.


Taking the time to work individually with me

allows for greater ease in your own experience

of taking group classes - here or elsewhere-

I provide immediate information on posture

and exercises to be practiced or avoided.

 The use of the Rope Wall will completely change your experience and understanding of yoga.

Trust me.



Jocela Mae Crawford

At Crawford Wellness we bring our expertise of body mechanics through the lens of yoga to provide insight into your posture, movement and limitations.

We teach you how your body can and should move.

Jocela Mae is a skilled professional and has studied for over a decade how the use of yoga can improve the quality of life. She began her formal Yoga education training in 2010 with Amy Cooper in her hometown of Mt. Shasta, CA. She continues to study with prominent teachers up and down the West coast. 

Jocela Mae works directly with local Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists or any other profession her clients use to stay healthy and provides movement when insurance can no longer support the process of rehab or getting back to life.

Rethink Yoga


After just one class, I went to do my regular leg stretches at home and my range was profoundly different!— Katie 35


Her one on one sessions are a revelation - Hope

She has helped me with my balance and confidence tremendously!

- Rae 70

Whether you are a full on yogi or yoga- curious, you will have a unique empowering experience - Jen

She is a gifted teacher and she is hilarious!

— Amaru

I leave class glowing

- Emily

I love your classes! And I love what they do for me- Rose 65


Tibetan Foot Soaks

Crawford Wellness is nestled inside the Mack Building, sharing space with Brehan Crawford LAc. 

You can extend your savasana experience with a Tibetan Foot Soak. But really, foot soaks

warm the soul and alleviate pain from fibroymyalgia, neuropathy, IBS, stress and many other ailments. The ingredients used have a high potency of volatile oils and terpenes to aid in

transdermal absorption; the addition of mineral salts creates a therapeutic experience similar

to bathing in a rural hot spring. 

It is divine!


Giving Back


My late mother in law Tricia Crawford was an amazing person. One of her many gifts was to make every person feel special. Together with her wonderful friends Ellen Summerfield and Phil Pirages, they created a local organization called the Give a Little Foundation (GAL) whose design is to be a community-supported safety net for those with nowhere else to turn.


If you have nowhere else to turn, turn to yoga. 

If you are unable to pay for a class:

Click here to use the GAL pass and send me an email to save your spot in class.

All are welcome here.

This is a safe space.