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Rethink Yoga

In person private sessions & Virtual classes 


Jocela has an innovative approach and adjusts the program to suit how I am feeling at each visit.

One visit was better than weeks of physical therapy! ( I can now lower my stirrups)

LuAnn DeYoung

Horse Rider of many years

"You are an angel! I feel lighter in my bones. You are so good at the things you do. Thank you"

Now I can do what is most important to me: safely play with my grandchildren without pain. 

Emily Grosvenor Diesburg

Oregon Home Magazine Editor

John Cunningham

Buisiness Coach & MFT


Yoga as therapy 

Sessions provide:

  • Assessing current movement and muscle behavior

  • Creating a personalized fitness and wellness plan

  • Learning practical applications of yoga in your daily life

  • Personalized mobility & stretching routines

  • Hands on yoga assisting

  • Customized bodywork for efficient relief


1 hour Session:  $65

90 minute Session:  $95


I provide the crucial information you need for proper posture, movement and exercising safely.

The use of the Rope Wall will completely change your experience and understanding of yoga.

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Jocela Mae Crawford RYT

At Crawford Wellness, through the lens of yoga, we bring our expertise of body mechanics providing posture insight to fix movement limitations and fix your pain.

We teach you how your body can and should move.

Jocela Mae is a skilled professional and has studied for over a decade how the use of yoga can improve the quality of life. Though a lifetime practitioner of yoga, she began her formal Yoga education training in 2010 with Amy Cooper in her hometown of Mt. Shasta, CA. She continues to study with prominent teachers up and down the West coast as well as Laurel Beversdorf in New York to expand the knowledge of yoga. She works directly with Brehan Crawford, LAc. to facilitate wellness from all angles. 

She works with local Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and other professionals to provide yoga as therapy.

Through centuries old wisdom, she will transform your understanding of what yoga is and how you can apply it to your body and life.

Rethink Yoga

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After just one session, I went to do my regular leg stretches at home and my range was profoundly different! Wow.

Katie Kulla

Oakhill Organics

Jocela's one on one sessions are a revelation. As a avid runner, her customized stretches are invaluable!

I didn't know how badly I needed everything Jocela gave me. I am so grateful for how I feel after working with her!

Tamara Chilla

Durant Vineyard

Samantha Geary

Children's Librarian

Tibetan Foot Soaks

Crawford Wellness is nestled inside the Mack Building

You can extend your savasana experience with a Tibetan Foot Soak. These special foot soaks

warm the soul and alleviate pain from fibroymyalgia, neuropathy, IBS, stress and many other ailments. The ingredients used have a high potency of volatile oils and terpenes to aid in

transdermal absorption; the addition of mineral salts creates a therapeutic experience similar

to bathing in a rural hot spring. It is divine!

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117 NE 5th Street - Suite J

McMinnville  OR