Call it self care

Call it exercise

Fill your cup!

This exciting new class will get you

moving, sweating, laughing.


Dance Enthusiast Annie Ziemba will provide the best dance music, a few of the best moves and a space to MOVE. 

You follow along and

dance your butt off!

Part guided steps

Part creative movement

Always fun!

Safe for all bodies and ages


Ages 12 and under FREE

Giving Back


My late mother in law Tricia Crawford was an amazing person. One of her many gifts was to make every person feel special. Together with her wonderful friends Ellen Summerfield and Phil Pirages, they created a local organization called the Give a Little Foundation (GAL) whose design is to be a community-supported safety net for those with nowhere else to turn.


If you have nowhere else to turn, turn to yoga. 

If you are unable to pay for a class:

Click here to use the GAL pass and send me an email to save your spot in class.

All are welcome here.

This is a safe space.